Sunday, January 20, 2013


Edmodo is a social networking site for educators to use with their stuents and their parents.  Edmodo allows teachers to create various "groups" to correspond with different groups of students.  For example, "7th Period - Algebra" or "4th Period Spanish."  Students are then given a group code with allow them to see what you post on that code specific page. As a teacher, you will have an Edmodo "wall."  Students and parents with the group code, will be able to view only the "wall" to that they are a member of.  As teachers, you can remove people from groups and reset passwords.  Additionally, teachers and students and parents may send posts to the entire class or to just the teacher. 

On the each group wall, teachers and students can post pictures, links, assignments, quizes, alerts, and/or notes (similar to wall posts on Facebook).  Teachers can also use Edmodo as a gradebook for students and parents to view.  Documents and pictures are also able to be uploaded into the "Library" for students and parents to view that way. 

This is my 2nd year using Edmodo with my Kindergarten classroom.  I use it differently than most teachers, who teach older students.  My main use of Edmodo is to communicate with parents.  I post updates and information to parents about what we're learning, interesting things that occur in our class, important dates, and assignments.  I have also created sub groups, within my whole class Edmodo page, for the 4 reading levels in my class.  This allows me to message groups of parents, specific words and strategies that their child is working on.  Parents have used Edmodo to set up playdates with other students, share summer camp dates, and inform other parents about various events that are occurring throughout their community.  During our November parent-teacher conferences, every single parent commented on Edmodo.  They commented on how appreciative they were to know what was going on in school.  Most also shared, by knowing what was going on, they were able to facilitate more conversations with their child. 

This is a video I created to show parents HOW to set up an account and how our class would use Edmodo. 

This video will also explain other uses of Edmodo.


  1. I haven't used Edmodo much with students because I lack the time to get it set-up. All Science ITLs are in a group on Edmodo per our Supervisors request. We barely use it. Initially I did not set it up the get email alerts about Edmodo posts. As a result, I missed important information.

  2. Assigned for next time is an article about using Facebook in first grade. The class uses Facebook in a similar way to how you use Edmodo.

  3. Amy,
    I am so impressed with how effectively you use this tool! Parents have such a lifeline to your class because of your posts that often include video. I think it is an exemplary model for parent communication at grade K!!!

  4. Amy, I loved viewing your edmodo site in class! It's so inspiring since we both work with students who are so close in age. I've been thinking of a way to reach my math students at home. This is my first year working with the bgl/ogl students and a lot of the parents want to know what they can practice at home to help their child be successful. That on top of doing the Common Core the first time, which is much more hands-on than worksheets being sent home, I wanted a way to communicate with parents about some of the activities we are doing in the classroom. I'm thinking about trying edmodo now, thanks :)

  5. I have an Edmodo account but haven't used it much besides just logging in. What do you feel like is the biggest benefit of using Edmodo with your kids? Is it more geared towards the parents? My goal is to explore it this summer and set it up for this year, but that's a goal. :)

  6. Amy, I am very interested in the potential of Edmodo. I created an account for myself and checked several of the interest boxes. I'm beginning to think that wasn't a good idea because I'm getting inundated with messages from people I don't know who are sharing great information. I've found some really super things that way but I don't know how in the world I could muddle through all of that to find my students. I wonder did you only invite the students/families in your class? That's probably what I should have done. I like Edmodo and agree with the others that you use it very well with your students. I must admit that informally I reach many, many of my parents and students through Facebook. My fifth graders are just on the cusp of maturity and it seems to be a rite of passage for them to get a facebook account, although technically they aren't old enough to do so. Surprisingly enough their teachers are some of the first people they "friend". I've learned a lot about my students this way. I must say that I admire your exhuberance when using technology with such young children. I wish all primary teachers were doing the same. Your commitment to using technology with such young students is admirable and my hope is that by the time they reach 5th grade it will be automatic for them.